Please read the warranty terms and condition | 请阅读 质量保证条款

WARRANTY Terms & Conditions

1. The warranty is valid for a period of one years from the date of purchase. 2. The owner must produce receipts with Dealer’s official stamp or adequate documentary proof of purchase.
3. Service under warranty does not in any way change the expiry date of warranty.
4. The warranty on the product which is exchanged ends when the warranty on this device expires.
5. The warranty is void on the following conditions:
a. Problem resulting from mishandling, negligence, accident or normal wear and tear
b. The product was modified, tampered with or repaired by any unauthorized person(s)
c. The product was damaged by fire, water, incorrect voltage or natural disaster
d. Consumable / disposable items including battery due to normal wear and tear are not covered by this warranty
e. Other problems resulting from circumstances beyond our control or responsibility but not listed above
f. When the Product Warranty is not registered


1. 自购买之日起,本公司产品保修期为1年。
2. 用户需提供/出示经销商正式的盖章发票或者充分的购机凭证。
3. 保修期内的维修服务时间仍计算在保修期内。
4. 更换产品的保修期与原购买产品的保修期一致。
5. 属于以下情况保修无效:
a. 由于疏忽、处置不当、意外或者正常损耗引起的问题
b. 非授权人员擅自改装,拆卸或维修该产品
c. 意外因素或人为行为导致产品损坏,如输入不合适电压、高温、进水、烧毁、坏或自然灾害
d. 消费类或一次性使用器件包括电池的正常消耗等不包含在保修范围内
e. 因不可抗力所造成的故障或损害
f. 未注册产品不提供保修服务

Warranty Registrationt

质量保证 注册表格