A highly mobile and user-friendly app that tracks your health

WeHealth App is a simple and convenient popular App. WeHealth Walk Activity & Sleep Tracker and WeHealth Star Activity & Sleep Tracker can sync your activity Tracker’s data with WeHealth app using Bluetooth ®.

Through activities, body, food, mind, social, and other modules you will have a comprehensive knowledge of your own body. WeHealth app combines Artificial Intelligence techniques with its rich features such as activity, track activity, food recording, sleep monitoring, interaction with your Coach.

Set the target at any time to challenge yourself and share your progress with friends. By WeHealth App, you can track your active data, and display analytical results using diagram. During online communication, you can share your progress with coaches and even doctors. Here, you can have more fun.



WeHealth Web Portal

Forgot your phone? It does not matter, you can use the Web Portal.

Want to use a large screen to monitor your health, and show your progress to your friends, you only need a browser (Windows, Mac, Linux and other platforms all are available). Using WeHealth Web Portal you can check your activity, body, food, mind, social, and other modules recorded in a more clear big screen, grasp your health state, and predict your future situation.

Bluetooth-enabled smart devices that collect numbers of metrics that sync to your apps seamlessly.



A solid team with proven track records and passion about using technology to improve care delivery!

SJ Teoh

Prof Dr Loo Chu Kiong

Assoc Prof Dr Adina Abdullah

Dato Tan Chee Hong

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