Wehealth Specialized Portal

Portal for healthcare professionals to view the user’s daily logs and offer feedback.




Anytime and Anywhere

You can review your patient remotely through WeHealth portal anytime and anywhere at your ease.

Save time

You can save more time from unnecessary visit from your patient as you can just view and contact them online.

Prevent health problem earlier

You can detect any health problem of your patients and prevent them earlier with real time health data send to your WeHealth Portal.



  • MUST possess a valid license and/or latest annual practicing certificate at all times duly recognized or approved by Malaysia’s Ministry of Health or relevant authorities.
  • MUST hold and produce evident valid documentation such as certificates of medical degree and other relevant documentations of qualifications.
  • MUST have at least 2 years of practice either in government or private sector.



  • You must have internet connection with your laptop/desktop.
  • You must agree and comply to our terms and privacy at all times.
  • You must treat virtual users with care.

For more information, please send us a message at [email protected] or WhatsApp